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The A.C.H.I.E.V.E. Learning Center offers learning assistance in Pontiac, IL. Learning assistance is done through individual tutoring, not in a group. We work with individuals of all ages, from kindergartners to adults. Subjects we commonly cover are math, algebra, statistics, geometry, reading, and more. Many of our tutors can help with a variety of subjects and have shown considerable skill in the fields they teach. We screen our tutors to ensure each one has a caring and relatable personality.

We offer student assistance that covers a wide range of material. For example, if you are struggling with math, we will teach you not only mathematical principles, but also proper intellectual practices. This often translates to practical skills, such as time management, organization, and logical reasoning. By the time you are finished with our tutoring programs, you will feel more confident as a student and learner. The skills you learn will benefit you for the rest of your life.

We pride ourselves on student help. This means not only teaching you a subject, but also helping you understand your own learning process. Meeting your educational needs is our first priority. You may have never had the privilege of working with someone who explained what a learning process is and how it can benefit you. Many teachers simply do not have the time to work with everyone on an individual basis. We take teaching to the next level and arm you with proven learning strategies.

Learning strategies are essential to academic success. You can read a textbook front to back and never learn a thing. This may be because you are a better tactile than visual learner, or because you need to digest the material in a more rigorous fashion. We want to give you tools you can apply to every subject and lesson moving forward so you can maximize your learning potential.

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